Hyper Pigmentation

Skin is the most sensitive and delicate part of the body. There are a number of factors that cause discoloration of skin and this discoloration is referred to as pigmentation. Fortunately number of treatments are also available for this purpose. These treatments include natural remedies, topical medications, cosmetic treatments and laser treatment. Before selecting any treatment it is important to consult dermatologist because only an experienced dermatologist can recommend the suitable treatment for pigmentation. Pigmentation is basically a disorder in which discoloration of the skin occurs in the form of patches and spots on the skin. There are various types of pigmentation treatment and a number of factors are responsible for causing pigmentation. There are some factors that make the pigmentation worse. Though there are several types of pigmentation but most common ones are.


In this type of pigmentation dark brown patches occur on the skin. As melasma occurs during pregnancy, so is given the name of “mask of pregnancy”.


Freckles are also dark colored spots on the skin cause as a result of clusters of melanin. Melanin is naturally occurring substance in the skin that keeps the skin safe from sun damage by reflecting or absorbing UV rays.


Albinism is also a type of pigmentation in which white or pink colored patches appear on the skin. Mostly this condition is due to heredity but sometimes albinism also occurs due to lack of melanin in the skin.


Vitiligo is also a type of pigmentation in which spots of white color appear on the skin. The cause behind appearance of Vitiligo is loss of cells that produce pigments of body.